Due to the public health state of emergency, we are not holding any readings. Issue printing is irregular, but we are continuing online. As always, we welcome your submissions.

Why I Wrote This Poem

Ever wondered about the origins of your favourite OHF poems? Open Heart Forgery now encourages poets to share the background or inspiration behind their published works. Send us a short explanation or reflection on your OHF poem (max 100 words), and we will feature it in our next e-newsletter and on our website with the poem.


The Tenth Anniversary Anthology is available at these local stores:

You can also obtain it directly from us – please use the contact form below.

Open Heart Farming Collections

OHFarming editor Mary Ellen Sullivan compiled selected poems from annual OHFarming issues into four themed collections.

Open Heart Farmers

Open Heart Spirituality

Open Heart Gardening

Open Heart Harvest

“They Call Me Inspiration: Open Heart Abroad”

OHF contributor Ron Gillis also writes songs, and he is kindly donating all proceeds from digital sales of his album “They Call Me Inspiration: Open Heart Abroad” to the anthology project. The songs are written by Ron and performed by Cape Breton musician Kenny Walsh. To purchase a digital copy of album or individual songs, go to www.openheartforgery.bandcamp.com

Waltzing Time

OHF contributor Marjorie Kildare is offering her book of poems, Waltzing Time, for anyone who wishes to make a contribution to Open Heart Forgery. For now, we can’t hand them out at meetings, but a copy can be yours for a donation plus the cost of mailing. Please use the Contact Form, below, to request a copy.

OHF Stories!

Read what OHF means to some of our contributors!

About OHF

471 HRM Authors, ages 8 to 87
1979 poems in 105 issues, since March 2010
Plus 34 poems, from 12 authors, in 13 communities, for OHF Abroad.

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