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Abena A-Green

Rose Adams

Jamil Adas


Erica Allanach

Nicole Allison

Alan Almon

Glen Amirault

Victor Andrews


Grailing Anthonisen

Mary Ann Archibald

Anthony Arsenault

Bethany Rose Artin

Bethany loves living near the ocean. She has lately acquired a weakness for romance novels, and is trying to write one. Meanwhile she reviews them and otherwise explores the genre at

Sara Asyyed

Georgia Atkin

Graham Atkin

Haleigh Atwood

Neil Bailey

Meg Baird

Tim Barker

Irene Baros-Johnson

Sandra Barry

Russell Barton

Adam C. Bateman

Leslie Anne Bateman

Roxanne Beavers

Sean Bedell

Isa Bee

Meredith (Ma) Bell

Ed Belzer

Chris Benjamin

Bobbi Beuree

Aditya Bhadra

Nola Bishop

Kathryn Bjornson

Elise Blacker

Stephen Blacker

Jenni Blackmore

Lori Boivin

Sam Boomer

George Borden

Taylor Bourassa

Rosemary Boyle

Earl Bradford

Russ Brennan

Mitchell Brinton

Lois Brison-Brown

Devin Brown

Dorothyanne Brown

Dorothyanne lives on the Dark Side, where her soul feels at home. She writes poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and will tell all if you buy her more than one beer. You can read her musings at or her whines about living with MS at

Paul Brown

Tyler Brown

Janet Brush

Janet was born in Halifax, and spent most of her life here. After a career in accounting, a choice necessitated by the need to eat, she is now free to pursue her love of poetry, and for the last three years, to study English Literature at Dalhousie.

Morgan Buhr Boutilier

Jonathan Burchill

George Burden

Sheila Burke

Kirstie Burns

Alex Buys

Jeff Byrnes

Patti C.

Ali Calladine

Brett Campaigne

E.M. Campbell

J. Lorraine Campbell

Michael Campbell

Normand Carrey

Sarah Carter

Tim Carter

Kristen Chafe

Marilyn Challis

Jasmine Chater

Jasmine Chater is a teacher living in Bedford, Nova Scotia. She completed both her English and education degree at Mount Saint Vincent University. She has published poems in local and online journals. She enjoys the poets of the modernist movement such as Gertrude Stein and Wallace Stevens. Jasmine believes it is vital to make creative expression a central part of the classroom.

Marian Chisholm

Stephen Patrick Clare

Caira Clark

Sophia Clark

Kimberly Cleversey

Richard Collins

Marc Comeau

Catherine Contento

Hana Conevska

Jayne Cook

N Corbett

Brent Cosgrove

Natalie Couture

Tim Covell

Tim is a technical writer, and freelance writer and editor. He has a weakness for limericks and is a firm believer in the Oxford comma. More at

Edith Croft

Peter Crofts

Santina Cross

Dianne Crowell

Peter Curry

Katy Curwin

Ryan Daly

Donna Davies

Joan Dawson

Robert Dawson

Dave Dean

Em Dee

Carrie Deleskie (also published under Carrie MacDonald)

Laura De Palma

Victoria Desjardins

Jennifer Deyarmond

Owen Diamond

Zoe Dickinson

John Dicks

Arlene Diepenbrock

Sarah Dobson

Brian Conroy Dockal

Ryan Dodge

Ella Dodson

Brad Donaldson

Zoe Doucette

Daniel Dover

Brian Downey

David Du

Patrick Dubé

Joffre Ducharme

Maria Duynisveld

Seth Earle

Ryan Eavis

Aaron Eisses

Evelyn Elgie

Barbara Ellis

L. L. Enkidu

Beth Enman

Michéla d’Entremont

Tiffany F. L. M.

Joy Farrell-Grove

Marjorie Favretto

Janette Fecteau

Felicity, Colleen, Sam & Steve

Mark Fenwick

Roger Field

Emma Fleet

Melissa Fougere

Nicholas Fraser

Regan Fraser

David Robert Fulcher

Harry Garrison

Hanna Garson

Jesse Garth

Dominic Gauthier

Serena E. Gauthier

Samir Georges

Patrick Daniel Gervais

Daniel Gillis

Ron Gillis

Alison Goodhew

Alexander Gopen

Geoffrey Grantham

Hayley Gray

Audrey C. Greenhalgh

Robert Halperin

Alex Hanam

Bill Hanrahan

Cathy Hanrahan

Summer Hart

Paul Healy

Nora Heighton

Darcy Helkenberg

Jari-Matti Helppi

Randy Henderson

Christopher Henningsen

Luke Hibbard

Kathleen Higney

Donna Holmes

Rowena Hopkins

Ariel Hopper

Angela Hou

Judy Ann Howe

Jim Hoyle

David B. Huebert

Josh Hughes

Tara Hurlburt

Thibault Jacquot-Paratte

John A. James

Scot Jamieson

William Jamieson

Victoria Jeha

Amanda Jendrick

Julie J. Jenkins

Heddy Johannesen

Amanda Johnson

Joe Johnson

Robin Johnston

Carol Jollymore

Riley Jones

Phillip Joy

A.B. Kamara

Jobin M. Kanjirakkat

Breanna Keeler

Charlie Keeler

Abbey Kelly

Adam Kennific

Sarah Kester

Dale King

Suzanne Kittell

Devin Kowalski

Emily Krauss

Patrick Laba

Nadia LaCroix

Shaun Lafferty

C. A. Lamond

Maureen Larkin

Bronwyn Lee

Robert Lee

Rosemary LeFresne

Erica Lewis

Erica has lived in Halifax since the age of 10. Her poetry has appeared in Polar Expressions’ yearly anthologies since 2010. In 2014 and 2015, her poems received Honourable Mention.

Lara Lewis

Michele L’Heureux

Joanne Light

Lunchbox Lunatic

Scott Lynch

I am a resident of Waverley, Nova Scotia. I have lived, studied (Acadia University), and worked in Nova Scotia all my life (except for that year in Australia as a Rotary Exchange Student). I have had the good fortune to travel and love that food so quickly brings us together in so many ways. I am an amateur poet, cook, and photographer and have learned so much from my three sons, now young men.

Some experiences I’ve had: A Canadian Olympic Torch runner in 1988 (with a friend) & 2010 who has run the tracks at Ancient Delphi, Ancient Olympia and the Modern Olympic track in Athens, Greece; climbed to the top of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt; sailed in a hot air balloon over the Serengeti in Kenya; and jumped from a perfectly good airplane in Coldbrook, Nova Scotia.

Benjamin MacDonald

Cassie MacDonald

Hughie MacDonald

Jordan MacDonald

Kevin McDonald

Michelle G. McDowall

Craig MacEachern

David Mac Eachern

Mike McFetridge

Alexander J. MacIsaac (also published as Henry Stevens)

Alan McIver

Brittany Mackeen

Catherine A. MacKenzie

Catherine A. MacKenzie escapes from her mundane world by writing poems and short fiction. Although she writes all genres, she often veers toward the dark and death, composing fiction most women can relate to. Though, at first reading, her stories may appear bizarre, they are so ominously real that one wonders what lives hidden within her mind. Cathy has been published in various print and online publications. She has also self-published several poetry and short story collections, available as e-books and in print on Amazon and Smashwords.

Cathy also paints, pastels being her favourite medium and her grandchildren her favourite subjects. She lives with her husband in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The couple winters in Ajijic, Mexico, where her works have appeared in local publications.

Visit Cathy’s website at to discover more about this author and her books.

John MacKenzie

Shallon MacKenzie

David R. MacLean

John Wise McLeod

Dylan MacMaster

Lindsay MacNeil

Joe MacPherson

John MacPherson

Robert Mader

Harry Wayne Mah


Courtney Madore

Sylvia Mangalam

Luke Marciano

Jane Marshall

Alicia Martin

J. P. Martin

Randy Martin

Edward Martins-Berki

Ian James Matheson

R. Matthews

Nina Mazel

K.A. Meechan

Carmel Mikol

Heidi Monk

Jillian Moran

Whitney Moran

Lionel Morrell

Bryson Morris

Lorie Ann Morris (also published as Lorie Morris)

Tiffany Morris

Hugh Morrison

Pamela Mosher

John de Moss

Ms. Anonymous

Martha Muggah

Heather Mundell

Zoe Murgatroyd

Ayesha Mushtaq

Martha Mutale

Nicole Myers

Writer, humanist, professional daydreamer and music lover.  Everything else just pays the bills. Visit: for further musings.

Jack Myra

Shawn Myra

Angela Naugle

Sara Drought Nebel

Dyrell Nelligan

Linda Nesbitt

Chad Norman

Candace Oakley

Oliver Oldfield

Cathie Panteluk

Yoon Park

Jaywant Patil

Patti Pattenden

Kelsey Patterson

Nicola Patterson

Will Pearson

C. J. Pellern

Felix Perry

Lianne Perry

Sandra Phinney

Sarah Picco

Cheryl Pink

Donal Power

Megan Power

David Pretty

Anna Quon

Beverley Rach

Deepthi Rajashekar

Allison Rangeley

Karen Raynard

Randy Reede

Laurel Rennie

Chantelle Rideout

Elizabeth Riegert

David Rimmington

Judi Risser

Visit Judi’s blog.

Dan Robinson

Derek Robinson

Matt Robinson

Tom Robson

Giavonna Rossi

Nathaniel S. Rounds

Jeffrey Roy

Catherine Rubinger

Norm Sabowitz

Sara Saddington


Berendina P. Saunders

Richard Schaller

Christina Schlegel

Greg Scott

Matthew P. Scott

Anika Sharma

Ashita Sharma

Sarah Simpson

Naomi Slater

Cameron Smith

Chris Smith

Cheryl Sobie

Bernard Soubry

Molly Jean Spinney

Ali Squire

Hailey Stapleton

Sara Star

Henry Stevens (also published as Alexander MacIsaac)

Bethana Sullivan

Mary Ellen Sullivan

Mary Ellen Sullivan grew up on a farm outside Guelph, Ontario, and now lives in Halifax. She is a regular contributor to Open Heart Forgery and is included in Open Heart Forgery: Year One Anthology. She has compiled five annual issues of Open Heart Farming, a free collection of farm and food-centric poems by Nova Scotia poets.  Mary Ellen writes the Open Heart Farming blog

Josh Svec

Michael Swinemer

Laszlo Szantor

W. C. T.


Justin Tan

Elzy Taramangalam

Ryan Taylor

Sean Terrell

Christen Thomas

Will Tilleczek

Jeff Torbert

Christopher Trainor

Asha May Trenaman

Christine Beevis Trickett


Martha Tuff

Lisa Vandenboomen

Steve Vernon

Anna Horsnell Wade

Martin Wallace

Ken Wallingford

Jordan Walters

John Wamboldt

Ginny Wang

Zihan Wang

Stephens Ward

Wendy Watkinson

Kristine Webber

H.S. Weber

Adam Webster

Gillian Webster

Alexis White

Art White

James Whitehead

David Williams

Tamara Williams

Charlotte Wilson-Hammond

Michael Wohlfahrt

Barry Wood

Jen Yakamovich

Daniel Yetman

Joan Young

Robin Young

Brandon Zuniga

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