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Abena A-Green

Rose Adams


Jamil Adas


Erica Allanach

Nicole Allison

 Alan Almon


 Glen Amirault

 Victor Andrews

Anonymous (any author that has published anonymously) 

Grailing Anthonisen

Mary Ann Archibald

Maximillion Archibald

Maximillion Archibald is a writer, cook, teacher, lover, and friend from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Here to create something that can move someone else.

Anthony Arsenault

Kate Arpin

Bethany Rose Artin

Bethany Rose Artin is a pen name for a local writer.

Val Aston

Val Aston was born in Victoria, British Columbia, in 1934. She went to the University of British Columbia and studied English and Geography. She has been married to Geoff for 62 years, has a son, a daughter, and two granddaughters. She worked as a Real Estate Agent for 34 years. She has an adventurous spirit and loves roller coasters, zip-lining and hot air balloons. She enjoyed the CN tower Edge Walk and flying in a 2 seater plane. Val has written many limericks and poems over the years. She moved to Bedford, Nova Scotia, from Ontario a year ago and has been inspired to write more poems and short stories.


Sara Asyyed

Georgia Atkin

Georgia Atkin is a writer and freelance editor living in Halifax, NS. She holds a BA in English Literature and Environment, Sustainability & Society, and she has edited the monthly Open Heart Forgery issues since 2014. In her spare time, Georgia writes Wikipedia articles and vanquishes Sudoku puzzles. Find her at her website:

Graham Atkin

Haleigh Atwood

Jake Austin

I have been writing poetry since I was fourteen years old. It has always been my passion to turn real-world experiences into literature. Growing up in the country roads of Colchester County, I was able to absorb nature and use that as inspiration fully. Another one of my biggest inspirations is my family. They are the center of gravity for me. When I turned eighteen, I moved to Halifax, where I currently reside with my lovely partner. Moving to the city turned my world upside down and exposed me to completely foreign experiences. Halifax is my newest inspiration. I hope to continue writing poetry because it is one of the most classical, popular culture streams, and I value its preservation.

Eitan Baida

Chloe Bailey

Chloe is a young creative currently residing in Halifax, Nova Scotia. When she’s not working as a barista, she enjoys writing poetry and short stories. She hopes her writing reaches you, and that you enjoy reading it as much as she enjoys writing it.

Neil Bailey

Meg Baird

Meg Baird is a born and raised Nova Scotia girl who now lives with family in Calgary, Alberta.

Tim Barker

Irene Baros-Johnson

Sandra Barry

Russell Barton

Nicole Basso

Nicole is a student studying psychology and French. She strives to combine her interest in poetry with her studies by writing about her personal experiences with mental illness, as well as by writing in both English and French. As an autistic creative, she aims to challenge stereotypes of what it means to be autistic. Nicole can often be found in the Library with an extra-large coffee (or two) from Timmie’s.

Adam C. Bateman

Leslie Anne Bateman

Nelly Bateman

Joyce Baxter

Roxanne Beavers

Sean Bedell

Isa Bee

Meredith (Ma) Bell

Ed Belzer

Chris Benjamin

Koi Bennett-Taussig

Bobbi Beuree

Aditya Bhadra

Nola Bishop

Kathryn Bjornson

Elise Blacker

Stephen Blacker

Jenni Blackmore

Lori Boivin

Melissa Boland

Melissa was transplanted to Nova Scotia in 2006. Born and raised in Saint John, New Brunswick, Melissa has been a community social worker in greater Halifax since leaving the Picture Province. In her spare time, she writes poetry inspired by spirituality, life’s conundrums, and nature.

G. Lucky Bolger

Matt Bonn

Sam Boomer

George Borden

Hannah van den Bosch

Daniel Boucher

Art Bouman

Claudette Bouman

Taylor Bourassa

Holly-Lynn Bourgeois

Natalie Boyce

Natalie Boyce has an unstoppable passion for writing, and a burning love for all animals big and small. She will continue writing poems and stories for people of all ages to enjoy.

Rosemary Boyle

 Earl Bradford

Charlie Brake

Russ Brennan

Mitchell Brinton

Rick Brison

Lois Brison-Brown

Valerie Broadnax

Devin Brown

Dorothyanne Brown

Dorothyanne used to live on the Dark Side but has relocated to Kingston, Ontario, where she gazes at Lake Ontario and pretends it is the sea. She writes poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction, and her alternative history book, Recycled Virgin, is available on Amazon:

Follow her webpage at for musings, writing information, and news about her upcoming books.

LeeAnn Wallage Brown

Paul Brown

Phil Brown

Phil is British but moved to Nova Scotia in 2017 after escaping from a career in global insurance. After setting up home in Hammonds Plains, he is pursuing his love of poetry and street and portrait photography. He is also learning to play the piano, still dreams of forming an Indie Band, but unfortunately remains convinced he is tone deaf. Phil’s many influences include the poetry of Ted Hughes (Remains of Elmet), the photographers Deborah Turbeville and Horst P Horst, and the music of P J Harvey and Wolf Alice.

Tyler Brown

Janet Brush

Janet was born in Halifax, and spent most of her life here. After a career in accounting, a choice necessitated by the need to eat, she is now free to pursue her love of poetry, and for the last three years, to study English Literature at Dalhousie.

Morgan Buhr Boutilier

Charles Bull

Jonathan Burchill

Mo Burchill

George Burden

Sheila Burke

Kirstie Burns

Laurie Burns

Laurie Burns is an English as additional language teacher to immigrants, literacy volunteer and voracious writer and reader living in Halifax.

Alex Buys

Jeff Byrnes

Patti C.

Ali Calladine

Brett Campaigne

E.M. Campbell

J. Lorraine Campbell

Michael Campbell

Normand Carrey

Echo Carter

Echo is a junior high school student who enjoys playing soccer, running, and playing the piano. She writes obsessively and loves spending time with her dog.

Sarah Carter

Tim Carter

Kristen Chafe

Marilyn Challis

Jasmine Chater

Jasmine Chater is a teacher living in Bedford, Nova Scotia. She completed both her English and education degree at Mount Saint Vincent University. She has published poems in local and online journals. She enjoys the poets of the modernist movement such as Gertrude Stein and Wallace Stevens. Jasmine believes it is vital to make creative expression a central part of the classroom.

Marian Chisholm

Lesley Choyce

Stephen Patrick Clare

Caira Clark

Sophia Clark

Katie Clarke

Kimberly Cleversey

McKenzie Cline

Alan Collins

Richard Collins

Marc Comeau

Shanay Comeau

Kasey Connely

Catherine Contento

Hana Conevska

Jayne Cook (also published under Jayne Reilly)

Rachel Cooke

Rachel Cooke attends Dalhousie University. She plans to double major in Law, Justice, and Society and Philosophy. Since arriving at Dal, Rachel has gotten involved in OxFam, the Dal Gazette, and the Loaded Ladle. In her free time she likes to write, take a spin class at the DalPlex, or discover a new cafe in Halifax. You can usually find her at Coburg Social with a matcha latte and a pile of notebooks.

N Corbett

Brent Cosgrove

Natalie Couture

Tim Covell

Tim is a technical writer, author of fiction and non-fiction, freelance editor, and simple web site guru. He studies film classification systems, has a weakness for limericks, and is a firm believer in the Oxford comma. He’s published a romance novel, Ocean’s Lure, and is working on another one. More at

Oliver Cresswell

Oliver was born in England and moved to Nova Scotia when he was a teenager, where he met the love of his life and now mother to their two sons. He’s been writing poetry and fiction since he was a boy, and after receiving an education in philosophy and English he now writes for a living.

Edith Croft

Peter Crofts

Santina Cross

Dianne Crowell

Holly Currie

Peter Curry

Katy Curwin

Ryan Daly

Kate Dani

M. de Lacey Davidson

Matthew de Lacey Davidson is the author of two poetry collections; a play in verse; a collection of short stories entitled Roses in December: Haunting and Macabre Tales; a historical novel about civil rights leader Frederick Douglass’ first trip to Ireland, Precept;, a mystery novel set in the Maritimes, The Worst Dogs; and an anthology entitled, A Barren Stage: Collected Poems, Essays, Short Stories, and Novels. Precept was voted one of the top ten self-published books of 2018 by

He has had poems, articles, cartoons, and short stories published in the online literary journals: “The Junction,” “Pickle Fork,” and “The Writing Cooperative” on the website and in the online journal Danse Macabre. He lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, with his wife, Shayna, and a plethora of Siamese and Tonkinese cats.

Donna Davies

Roger Davies

Haley Dawne

Haley Dawne is working on her MSc in oceanography and loves writing poetry in her spare time. She has a BSc in Environmental Science and is studying carbon cycling in Arctic marine sediments. Her favourite poetry themes are curiosity and reflection and she often likes combining both the scientific and creative thought processes. Many of her poems were actually inspired while collecting samples in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Her other hobbies include riding a motorcycle and playing the guitar, and she loves to travel when she can afford it. She hopes to become an oceanographer and a poet. Follow her Instagram account for more of her poems: @haleydawnepoetry.

Joan Dawson

Robert Dawson

Dave Dean

Em Dee

Mandy DeGeit

Laura De Palma

Victoria Desjardins

Burris Devanney

Burris has enjoyed a full career as a high school teacher and principal in Halifax, where he was born and grew up, but he also found opportunities to work in education and development over many years in seven African countries. He is the author of two memoirs, African Chronicles, narrating his and his wife Louanne’s experiences in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and Nigeria during turbulent times in the 1960s, and The Gambia Saga, which details their work and their family’s life experience in The Gambia and Sierra Leone over a span of nearly 30 years commencing in 1982. Burris is also the editor and principal author of Always a Work in Progress, which outlines the evolution of social democratic policy within the Nova Scotia New Democratic Party since its founding more than half a century ago. He also wrote, co-edited and co-published a full-length film, The Gambia Project, which won an Award of Excellence at the 1987 Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax. He is working on a series of poems on Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Jennifer Deyarmond

Owen Diamond

Zoe Dickinson

John Dicks

Arlene Diepenbrock

Rebecca Dingwell

Rebecca Dingwell is a freelance writer and editor based in Halifax. When she isn’t working, you can sometimes find Rebecca trying to stay upright on either roller skates or horseback. More likely, though, she is curled up with a book and a cup of tea (or a pint of beer).

Sarah Dobson

Brian Conroy Dockal

Ryan Dodge

Ella Dodson

Brad Donaldson

Zoe Doucette

Daniel Dover

Brian Downey

David Du

Writing poems is my hobby. Before I came to Canada, I wrote Chinese and Japanese poetry. When I arrived in Halifax, I started writing English poems, and I have written over 100. Perhaps you wonder why I like writing English poems. A story that happened in Halifax caused me think about writing English poems.

One day when I finished my shift, on way home, I saw a lot of people gathering at a bus stop. I heard noise come from there, so I forced my way into the crowd. I saw two birds: one is dead, and the other one is crying and pecking at its partner. When I saw this scenario there was one word in my mind—Life! As well, as I thought of a poem that I read it before, The Vantage Point, by Robert Frost. I remembered the last sentence of Frost’s: “I look into the crater of the ant.”

How it is similar to the life between human and animal!

At that time I decided to write English poems. I felt I needed to use some way to express compassion in Canada. I wrote my poem: ”Life.” Now I am very happy that I can write some English poetry to express the life and enjoy my life in Canada.

I have published a book of poetry: Journey: Life is a Journey from A to Z

Patrick Dubé

Joffre Ducharme

Piper Duquette

Maria Duynisveld

John Earle

Seth Earle

Ryan Eavis

Aaron Eisses

Shawn Elford

Born and raised in Newfoundland and now living in Halifax. I started writing poetry in 2012 and have passion for writing and sharing my talent with others in the hopes it inspires others to live their dreams.

Evelyn Elgie

Barbara Ellis

L. L. Enkidu

Beth Enman

Michéla d’Entremont

Tiffany F. L. M.

The Fantastic 3

Mylah, Kyliee and Ella (AKA The Fantastic 3) are best friends. Mylah loves her two dogs; she enjoys being with friends and family, and loves to make people laugh. Kyliee is great at singing and has the kindest heart, which makes her a great friend. Ella has a good imagination; she loves art, fashion, and being with her friends.

Joy Farrell-Grove

Marjorie Favretto

Janette Fecteau

Felicity, Colleen, Sam & Steve

Mark Fenwick

Chiara Ferrero-Wong

Chiara enjoys nothing more than reading in bed, and throwing a Frisbee with her friends!

Dhavita Filek

Dhavita is a mother and wife currently living in Dartmouth NS. Her debut book of poetry, Purification, is available on Amazon and was inspired by her practice of meditation and healing from post partum depression and anxiety.

Roger Field

Emma Fleet

Nicole Fleming

Melissa Fougere

Daphne Frandsen

Nicholas Fraser

Regan Fraser

Charlie Friesen

David Robert Fulcher

Sarah Gammon

Halifax born and raised poet, writer and artist. A woman with a free spirit and a heart of gold.

M. L. Garoutte

Harry Garrison

Hanna Garson

Jesse Garth

Anna Gaudet

Dominic Gauthier

Serena E. Gauthier

Helen Gebhardt

I was born in a small town in Ontario. I grew up on a farm, and moved to Kitchener at 18 to attend Bible college. Two years later I married, raised three children. Five years ago I moved to Nova Scotia with family. I love my new province and its people.

Pterry Gerrior

Samir Georges

Patrick Daniel Gervais

Daniel Gillis

Ron Gillis

Born in North Sydney, NS, I am a retired stevedore, sailor, and postal worker. My writing came late in life — song writing is my main interest, while I also dabble in poetry. I have received three FACTOR Grants for song writing, and my record as a Lyricist is on social media at this link: Ron Gillis ‘Lyrical Expression’. You can listen to some of my songs at my YouTube Channel here:

Robert Gilreath

Alison Goodhew

Alexander Gopen

Greg Goubko

Geoffrey Grantham

Hayley Gray

Jennifer Graham

Jennifer Graham is a Gadfly.  She grew up writing letters to her Grandmother, and continues to pen and post one every day to anyone who gives her their mailing address!  Her favourite author is Stephen King.

Audrey C. Greenhalgh

Noelle Halef

Noelle lives in Bedford, Nova Scotia. In her free time she likes to play basketball and write fiction.

Robert Halperin

Kathy Hamidovic

Kathy Hamidovic grew up in northern Nova Scotia and has lived most of her adult life in Halifax. Her poems, an outpouring of her busy mind, have appeared in several anthologies and other publications around the globe.

Alex Hanam

Bill Hanrahan

Cathy Hanrahan

Brian Harding

Ciara K. Harris

Ciara is, in no particular order, a writer, aspiring editor, lesbian, and grandma-at-heart. She grew up in Halifax, but currently resides in Galway, Ireland, where she is completing an MA in Literature and Publishing. Her work has appeared in Púca Magazine and Rat World Magazine.

Briana Hart

Summer Hart

Xiao He

Paul Healy

Nora Heighton

Darcy Helkenberg

Jari-Matti Helppi

Randy Henderson

Christopher Henningsen

Luke Hibbard

Kathleen Higney

Heidi Hlubinová

I am a Haligonian, born and bred.

Donna Holmes

Rowena Hopkins

Ariel Hopper

Brittanie Horne

True to her BDSM nature, Lady Brittanie takes her pain and transforms it into pleasure. Fully committed to enjoying her life — even when it feels like agony — she is in the middle of several literary projects based on this theme. She hopes to one day meet Dean Koontz, whose books saved her life. Becoming a famous author makes that more likely.

Angela Hou

Judy Ann Howe

Jim Hoyle

Wallace B. Hubbard

David B. Huebert

Josh Hughes

Judy Hunt

Tara Hurlburt

Thibault Jacquot-Paratte

John A. James

Scot Jamieson

William Jamieson

Victoria Jeha

Amanda Jendrick

Julie J. Jenkins

Meghan Jenkins

Heddy Johannesen

Amanda Johnson

Ian Johnson

Ian is a retired union staff person and public sector worker. He is quite new to poetry having only been writing for a few years at the encouragement of his wife. He writes mostly for family events and when there is some unusual happening which seems to be humorous. He is interested in “nonsense poetry” as written by Edward Lear and Ogden Nash. He hopes to publish a collection of his works to date in the next year or so.

Joe Johnson

Alex Johnston

Robin Johnston

Davy Joiner

Davy Joiner was born in Pembroke, Ontario and has lived in many regions of the Canadian prairies due to a military family. He is currently a student at Dalhousie, and is a lifeguard and swimming instructor. He is looking to become a weather technician with the Canadian Forces.

Carol Jollymore

Bill Jones

Riley Jones

Phillip Joy

Heidi Kalyani

A.B. Kamara

Bauke Kamstra

Bauke Kamstra is a poet and visual artist residing in Nova Scotia. His poetry has appeared in various journals including The Best of Vine Leaves 2015, Shot Glass Journal, Hedgerow Journal, Englyn Journal, and Blue Heron Journal.

His books “We All Reach the Earth by Falling” and “Passion Demands a Vocabulary of Desire” Vols. I to IV are published by Vine Leaves Press and are available in paperback and e-book on Amazon. You can see more of his Positively Wyrde work on twitter by following @wyrde, or Bauke Kamstra on Facebook.

Jobin M. Kanjirakkat

Samuel Keefe

Breanna Keeler

Charlie Keeler

Abbey Kelly

Adam Kennific

Kimm Kent

Sarah Kester

Teresa Kilbride

Teresa (she/her) is a writer and visual artist living in Nova Scotia, Canada. Her work reflects what comes to her from experiences with the divine in a blessed life. Her family – a partner and two grown daughters, all writers, as well as her gentle and mighty grandson, inspire her to create from a place of increasing wholeness and joy.

Teresa’s work appears in Lived Magazine, Open Heart Forgery and Fathom Magazine and is forthcoming in Eunoia Review (December 2022). She was shortlisted for the Rita Joe Poetry Prize (Writer’s Federation of Nova Scotia) in 2022, and she has two self-published books of poetry.

Marjorie Kildare

Marjorie lived facing Halifax Harbour, with a 180 degree view of sea, sky and sheer beauty in all seasons. Since she could barely take her eyes from the seven-foot windows, she wrote Haiku. Her book of poetry, Waltzing Time, is available for a donation to OHF.

Dale King

Kimberly M. King

Kimberly M. King is a writer, a poet, a blogger…. She has taught in the classroom, been a librarian, and done simultaneous translation of English/Spanish for international groups and meetings. Currently, she is the director of Barat Spirituality Centre in Halifax.

Suzanne Kittell

Devin Kowalski

Emily Krauss

Patrick Laba

Nadia LaCroix

Shaun Lafferty

Breton Lalama

C. A. Lamond

Olivia Landry

Olivia Landry lives in Halifax, and hopes to be a teacher and a writer. She holds a BA in Women’s and Gender Studies, and an MA in Gender Studies. She adores her family, friends, and partner, and is so thankful that they enjoy reading her poems and stories.

Maureen Larkin

Ziad Lawen

Allison Lawlor

Allison Lawlor writes and lives with her family by the ocean in Prospect. She spends as much time outdoors as she can.

Logan Lawrence

Logan is a lover of learning, language, and (a)lliterations. Chris is a Pseudonym is the first “fun” thing he’s ever published. He is originally from rural Alberta, but would much rather live here (sorry Dad!)

Ben LeBlanc

Michael LeClair Sr.

Middle-aged proud Grand-Father, grew up in South Woodside, Dartmouth. My interests are reading, writing, history, social awareness, music, guitar and I occasionally dabble in painting/drawing. I am a happily married man, three children and SIX grandchildren with a seventh on the way! I enjoy classic films, music of all genres (literally from Rap to Bach). I have an endless curiosity regarding physics, psychics, and anything science. I’ve been writing as a hobby since I was a child. I tend toward the eclectic, the eccentric and most everything between the two.

Fave quotes :

“Do you not see how a world of pain and sorrow is necessary to school an intelligence and make it a soul?” – John Keats

“People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion .” – Albert Einstein

Richard LeDue

Richard LeDue was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. He currently lives and teaches in Norway House, Manitoba. His poetry has appeared in numerous journals, such as Adelaide Literary Magazine, the Eunoia Review, Mojave He[art] Review, Little Rose Magazine, and Black Bough Poetry.

Bronwyn Lee

Elle Lee

Pronouns: they/them. I’m a young poet who’s been writing on and off for the past 10 years. I mainly deal in Spoken Word, but range into various types of poems and writing styles, whatever seems to fit what I’m feeling at the time. I was born in BC, have lived in NB, and moved to Halifax 6 years ago. I suffer from BPD, ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression. I identify as a Non-Binary Pansexual. With that in mind, my poems deal in some heavy themes of mental illness, and what it’s like to be a LGBTQA+ person raised to be straight. I have no formal training on Poetry or writing, but hopefully I can still inspire. Lastly, please understand that while my Poems can be strongly worded, just know that I use writing as an outlet, and have sought out help. I just write when I have something on my mind, and it is my pure raw emotion attached, I don’t edit my words once they’re written, I just check for spelling mistakes. I hope I can create something worth your time. Thanks for reading

Jung-Hee Lee

Robert Lee

Rosemary LeFresne

Caitlin Leonard

Janelle Levesque

Erica Lewis

Erica has lived in Halifax since the age of 10. Her poetry has appeared in Polar Expressions’ yearly anthologies since 2010. In 2014 and 2015, her poems received Honourable Mention.

Lara Lewis

Michele L’Heureux

Laureen van Lierop

Don Logan

Guohua Li

Guohua Li is an epidemiologist by training and a poet by birth. He received his medical degree from Peking University and public health degree from Johns Hopkins University. Since 2007, he has been the M. Finster Professor of Epidemiology and Anesthesiology at Columbia University. A recipient of the Kenneth Rothman Epidemiology Prize and the Guggenheim Fellowship, Dr. Li is the founding Director of the Columbia Center for Injury Science and Prevention and the founding Editor-in-Chief of Injury Epidemiology. He writes poems in both Chinese and English. To cope with stress and anxiety amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Li translated over two hundred American poems in the public domain into Chinese. The compilation of these translated poems will be published by Tongji University Press (Shanghai) in a forthcoming book titled 永恒的美丽 (Beauty That Is Never Old).

Joanne Light

Travis Livingston

Travis Livingston is a writer living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Born in South Africa, he lived in England before moving to Canada in 2004 and has lived here ever since.

Brian Lomax

  • Published author: We The Faceless Artists Winnipeg, Manitoba 1976
  • Producer/director for Dutch Mason, “Prime minister of the Blues”
  • Sold to the National Library-Ottawa + 60 page Q & A interview
  • Publisher: Crossroads Magazine, 1988-1991. Interviewed Stevie Ray Vaughn, Gordon Lightfoot, John Lee Hooker, Philip Glass, Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, John Hammond Jr. etc.

Lunchbox Lunatic

Scott Lynch

Lives on Lake Thomas in Waverley. Has lived, studied (Acadia), and worked in Nova Scotia all his life. Has had the good fortune to travel. Passions include poetry, cooking, photography and sport. Raising three sons, and a number of Rotary Exchange Students, with his wife Patty has been his labour and love.

Angus MacCaull

Annick MacAskill
Originally from London, Ontario, Annick MacAskill currently lives and writes in Halifax. Her poems have appeared in Prism, Versal, Room, The Fiddlehead, Arc, and other journals. Her writing has been longlisted for the CBC’s Canada Writes Poetry Prize and nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She has a début collection forthcoming in the spring of 2018, from Gaspereau Press.

Benjamin MacDonald

Cassie MacDonald

Hughie MacDonald

Jordan MacDonald

Kevin McDonald

Michelle G. McDowall

Craig MacEachern

David MacEachern

I am a writer who has spent about 15 years helping many people deal with depression. I use the library for theory and the city as a classroom. Philosophy and psychology are my interests. Still one to speak with concern and encouragement to others. Hoping my writing can bring inspiration to anyone who reads it.

T. J. MacFarlane

Mike McFetridge

Alexander J. MacIsaac (also published as Henry Stevens)

 Alan McIver

Marissa McKean

Born and raised in Atlantic Canada, Marissa spent most of her childhood with the ocean in her backyard. Thanks to this, much of what she writes is inspired by the sea in one way or another. As a neurodivergent writer, she often taps into her lived experiences with trauma, social isolation, and being very misunderstood as a child, but in a twist, she also tries to empower her readers and help them recognize their own ability to heal. Marissa currently lives in the Musquodoboit Valley with her husband, two daughters, and three cats.

Brittany Mackeen

Catherine A. MacKenzie

Cathy’s writings (poetry and short fiction) can be found in numerous print anthologies and other publications, as well as online publications. She writes all genres but invariably veers toward the dark—so much so her late mother once asked, “Can’t you write anything happy?” (She can!)

She published her first novel, Wolves Don’t Knock, in 2018 and Mister Wolfe (the darkly dark second) in 2020.

Cathy divides her time between West Porters Lake and Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.



John MacKenzie

Shallon MacKenzie

David R. MacLean

John Wise McLeod

Dylan MacMaster

Don Macmillan

Born in Scotland, I emigrated to Canada in the 1970s. I am now retired, after a lengthy career with Alcan Aluminium Ltd, and prior to that with British Aluminium in the U.K.  During the summer, my wife and I live in beautiful Lac Brome, Quebec, but escape to Florida during the winter. We have two children, who live and work in Montreal.

My wife and I regularly spend a couple of weeks in the fall vacationing in the Maritimes, particularly Nova Scotia with its many Scottish connections and of course visiting my brother-in-law, Richard Payne, in Halifax.

For many years, I have dabbled in poetry writing, mainly to mark special family occasions, but since Richard became involved in the activities of Open Heart Forgery, he has encouraged me to share some of my writings with a wider audience.

Jaclyn MacNeil

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Jaclyn has a deep love for the ocean and being outside. She holds a BSc in Applied Human Nutrition from Mount Saint Vincent University, and plans to pursue a master’s in food policy. In her spare time, Jaclyn loves reading short stories, drinking specialty coffee, and exploring NS.

Lindsay MacNeil

Trisha MacNeil

Joe MacPherson

John MacPherson

Emily Macrae

Drew McPherson

Robert Mader

Harry Wayne Mah


Courtney Madore

Sylvia Mangalam

Luke Marciano

Anna Marenick

The last time Anna had a poem published was when she was in Grade 8 – which was definitely not yesterday!  Her parents were both schoolteachers, so her love of reading and writing was nurtured early, and the passion for writing and reading is still ever present in her life. With degrees from StFX and Saint Mary’s, Anna spends her days as the Director of People and Strategy at Develop NS – a provincial crown corporation that helps to make Nova Scotia irresistible to people and investment.  She sits on several local boards, speaks at conferences as often as she can, and tries hard to be an authentic, vulnerable leader. 

When not working, you’ll find her with her family in Dartmouth; but in summers, you’ll find her on Ponhook Lake in Queen’s County, which has the best sunsets in the world.

Jane Marshall

Alicia Martin

J. P. Martin

Randy Martin

Edward Martins-Berki

Edward Martins-Berki is a Canadian freelance writer, poet, playwright, and copy editor. He obtained his undergraduate degree at the University of King’s College, taking courses in Classics and Contemporary Philosophy. He has previously taught English to adults, worked in information technologies, organized musical events, designed for the video game industry, and managed a federal political party. He has written over 300 sonnets, an English Style Guide, and a full-length play.

Ian James Matheson

R. Matthews

Nina Mazel

K.A. Meechan

Carmel Mikol

Rachel Miller

I am a mental health nurse and blogger on The Collective Mind (, where I explore how to create more positive life experiences through changing how we think. In the times when my writing results in spontaneous outbursts of rhyme, I write poetry.

Georgia Mills

P.  Minutiae

Sara Moginot

Raised in an old coast guard station in Massachusetts, Sara spent most of her youth reading or clambering along the coastline. Her family spent their summers along the Kennebecasis River in New Brunswick for generations where she met her Canadian husband and started their family. She raised 5 children spending lots of time exploring the outdoors, reading out loud, making up stories, and creating little readers for them. She now lives in Dartmouth, works in public service and is studying psychology and writing at MSVU. She squeezes in time to write for pleasure as the eyes droop.

Heidi Monk


Sarah Moore

Jillian Moran

Whitney Moran

Laureli Morphy

Laureli Morphy lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She enjoys writing in her free time, especially free verse poetry.

Lionel Morrell


Lorie Ann Morris (also published as Lorie Morris)

I am in my 40s, married and am now a grandmother, and I live in the community of Spryfield. I love to write poems, and I love animals. My favorite color is purple, and I love learning about history like WW1 and WW2

Roz Morris

Roz Morris is a self described queero weirdo who desperately wants to eat birthday cake with Sylvia Plath.

Tiffany Morris

Hugh Morrison

B Mosher

Ben Mosher is an artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Mosher is Informed by interests in digital and mechanical modes of communication, with an appreciation for written and visual forms of everyday poetic language. These concerns have directed works in micro-communication systems coupled with intuitive and meditative processes of creation.

Pamela Mosher

John de Moss

Susan Moxon

Ms. Anonymous

Martha Muggah

Heather Mundell

Heather Murray

Zoe Murgatroyd

Ayesha Mushtaq

Martha Mutale

Elizabeth Myers

Nicole Myers

Writer, humanist, professional daydreamer and music lover.  Everything else just pays the bills. Visit: for further musings.

Jack Myra

Shawn Myra

Angela Naugle

Chinenye ‘Zabrain’ Ndulue

My name is Zabrain and all I do is rhyme. Rhyme like fine wine taken at its prime.   

Sara Drought Nebel

Dyrell Nelligan

Linda Nesbitt

Cormac Newman

Chris Nguyan

Mark Nicholas

Chad Norman

Candace Oakley

Jonathan Olfert

Jonathan Olfert creates wood chips, spreadsheets, and short stories. He lives near Dartmouth with his partner and children.

Steven Osborne

Oliver Oldfield

Cathie Panteluk

 Yoon Park

Scott Parkhill

Charlie Parsons

Charlie is a Classics and Creative Writing student at Dalhousie University. They spend their days writing anything and everything they can, and their nights reading stories about pirates and vampires.

Jaywant Patil

Patti Pattenden

Kelsey Patterson

Nicola Patterson

Richard S. Payne

Will Pearson

C. J. Pellern

Felix Perry

Lianne Perry

Justin Pettipas

Sandra Phinney

Sarah Picco

Jenna Pierson

Cheryl Pink

Memel Pound

Donal Power

Megan Power

David Pretty

Anna Quon

Anna Quon is a poet, novelist, and budding visual artist and animated film maker living in Halifax. She has self-published several chapbooks and besides Open Heart Forgery, has had several poems published in Open Heart Farming and other zines and online journals.

Beverley Rach

Deepthi Rajashekar

Allison Rangeley

James Rangeley

Karen Raynard

Randy Reede

Jayne Reilly (also published under Jayne Cook)

Laurel Rennie

F. Arthur Ricane

Chantelle Rideout

Elizabeth Riegert

David Rimmington

Judi Risser

Visit Judi’s site:

Michele Roberts

Dan Robinson

Derek Robinson

Matt Robinson

Tom Robson

Matthew Rooney

Julia Rose

Julia Rose was born and raised in Nova Scotia. She is an undergraduate student at the University of King’s College in Halifax, pursuing a degree in Classics. Julia has been writing since she was ten years old, when her favourite teacher handed her a blank notebook and told her to fill it with anything she wanted. She has been writing in her spare time ever since. Julia loves to travel and is most inspired by the different places she visits as well as the unique people she meets along the way.

Violet Rosengarten

Giavonna Rossi

Nathaniel S. Rounds

Nathaniel S. Rounds writes from Halifax, Nova Scotia. His collection of poetry was recently published by Feline and Nothingness Press, and can be read here:

Jeffrey Roy

Catherine Rubinger

Len Russo

Mark Ryan

Norm Sabowitz

Sara Saddington


Berendina P. Saunders

Richard Schaller

Christina Schlegel

Robert John Schwarzmann

Robert John Schwarzmann is a Dartmouth author and poet. He grew up in
Ottawa and worked in journalism, then spent years teaching English as
a Second Language in many countries. His new book of eight short
stories, Tales from the Darkside, is due to be released in October 2019.

Greg Scott

Matthew P. Scott

Zoe Scott

Born and raised in Middle Sackville N.S, Zoe fell in love with words at an early age. Throughout the years her passion for poetry has mixed with her musicality to transform into song writing. She holds both a Bachelor of English from Saint Mary’s University, and a Bachelor of Education from Mount Saint Vincent University. As a school teacher, Zoe loves exposing her students to various forms of poetry and being inspired by the beautiful creativity that explodes from their fingertips. In addition to writing, Zoe also has a passion for yoga, spirituality, dance, and community theatre.

Simone Sewell

Anika Sharma

Ashita Sharma

Daniel Simpkin

Sarah Simpson

Edwin Sim

Shilpa Singh

” strolling around ”

Naomi Slater

Devin Slawter

Cameron Smith

Chris Smith

Julie Smith

I am an outsider artist, world traveller, vegetarian bohemian. I will gladly smile at strangers, especially if they are animals. Looking for a place to paint again and until then I sketch and write and listen to as much music as my ears will allow. 🙂

Cheryl Sobie

Bernard Soubry

Molly Jean Spinney

Ali Squire

R. E. Stansfield

Ron Stansfield is a transplanted prairie person now living “upshore” in Port Hilford. He takes his inspiration from the open ocean which he swears looks just like the waving wheat fields back home. He writes in all genres and is currently working on a book of short stories.

Hailey Stapleton

Sara Star

Murphy St. Claire

Henry Stevens (also published as Alexander MacIsaac)

Luke Stevens

Luke Stevens is an aspiring young artist who is always looking to make connections! Feel free to reach out on Instagram @lugubrious_man!

Graym Stewart

Jim Stewart

Rod Stewart

Spencer Stoddard

As a young individual I aspire to do my best in all aspects of my life. I don’t believe in “perfection” but I do believe in “improvement”. During my free time I enjoy going for walks, watching sports (Go Leafs), writing anything that comes to mind, and engaging in discussions regarding topics like metaphysics, astronomy, and spirituality.

Jasmin Stoffer

Jasmin Stoffer (B.A., B.Ed, M.Ed) is a local teacher and amateur poet. From 2012-2017 she was a Special Education teacher in Nunavik, Quebec – and began writing Haiku as a way of journaling daily. When she’s not writing poetry or teaching, she gardens, attends curling classes, and enjoys having adventures around town with her goddaughters, Ruby and Grace.

Bethana Sullivan

Mary Ellen Sullivan

Mary Ellen Sullivan grew up on a farm outside Guelph, Ontario, and now lives in Halifax. She is a regular contributor to Open Heart Forgery and is included in Open Heart Forgery: Year One Anthology. She has compiled five annual issues of Open Heart Farming, a free collection of farm and food-centric poems by Nova Scotia poets.

Josh Svec

Hawa Swaray

Cybel Sweetgrass

Michael Swinemer

Laszlo Szantor

W. C. T.


Justin Tan

Elzy Taramangalam

Cynthia Taylor

Ryan Taylor

Blynn Teeft

Sean Terrell

Maria Thibault

Christen Thomas

Ian Thomson-McKinnon

Will Tilleczek

Jeff Torbert

Mary Ellen Touesnard

Christopher Trainor

Asha May Trenaman

Christine Beevis Trickett


Martha Tuff

Mary Upton

Lisa Vandenboomen

Steve Vernon

Anna Horsnell Wade

Martin Wallace

Grayson Wallage

LeeAnn Wallage

Ken Wallingford

Poppy Walsh

Poppy has lived in Halifax her whole life. She has always loved reading and writing, even from a small age. A high school student, she has already written four substantial short stories and many, many poems. Her dream is to be a published author and she is thrilled to have her poetry published in Open Heart Forgery.

Jordan Walters

John Wamboldt

Ginny Wang

Zihan Wang

Ken Ward

Stephens Ward

AJ Warren

Wendy Watkinson

Kristine Webber

H.S. Weber

Adam Webster

Gillian Webster

Alexis White

Art White

Tabitha White

I am an aspiring writer, and I try to spend as much time as possible when I’m off work creating and trying to better appreciate and understand the world around me. I’ve lived in Dartmouth all my life, but the Halifax library has become like a second home for me.

James Whitehead

David Williams

Tamara Williams

Charlotte Wilson-Hammond

Michael Wohlfahrt

WOTS Participants

Barry Wood

Barry Wood has self-published a dark short story collection on audiocassette titled Barry Wood’s Short Stories, as well as a short story titled Nowhere to Go, based in Nova Scotia, published by PS Publishing in London, England titled Postscripts 14 in Spring 2008.  He has had a few other short stories published in the United States, etc. He is retired from office work.

Leah Woolley

Kay Wynne

I’m originally from Toronto and moved here in 2003. I’ve been writing since I was 14 years old. I had a stroke about 7 years ago and writing helps my brain function. By forcing myself to commit to writing I feel I can improve that part of the brain that needs help. I live in Dartmouth with my son and his family. At this point in time I use a walker but I do like to get around.

Jen Yakamovich

Daniel Yetman

Benjamin Young

Emily Young

Gordon Young

Gordon is a native of Newfoundland. As a young man he enjoyed the rhythms, sounds and smells of the inshore fishery in Conception Bay. His poetry is largely biographical but not sequential as it builds on a tradition of storytelling. True to this tradition, he has learned never to allow facts, the pursuit of accuracy or chronology to diminish the value of a good “yarn.” The past thirty plus years in Halifax have both added to Gordon’s experiences and provided many new stories which are reflected in his poetry.

Joan Young

Robin Young

Ata Zargarof

Ata Zargarof can’t decide between becoming a scholar and a poet. In either case, he hopes to deepen the quality of his poetry by exposing himself to an abundance of ideas, both new and old. You can read more of his work at


Zember is a Halifax-based writer from Prince Edward Island. She is a Massage Therapy student and an artist working in abstract painting and poetry. Zember explores healing and the profound and tiny intricacies of life in her work. She has a deep love for trees, clouds, and asking questions (sometimes even to trees and clouds). Find her art page on Instagram: @zemberstudio

Brandon Zuniga