Thank you for your interest in submitting to Open Heart Forgery. There are a few submission guidelines:

1) No hate. No sexism. No racism.

2) Maximum 28 lines long (not including title and your byline), and maximum 43 letters wide. Submissions exceeding these guidelines may be accepted, space permitting.

3) Only HRM residents, to keep OHF a local community journal (but see below).

4) OHF publishes primarily English poetry, but may consider French submissions. French submissions should be accompanied by an English translation, however this is not for publication (unless requested by the author). OHF is currently unable to consider poems in other languages.

4) The fine print:
You retain copyright of your work. By submitting your work, you are granting Open Heart Forgery a non-exclusive right to publish it once, in our newsletter and on our website.You are acknowledging that you are the copyright owner of the work. You are welcome to submit your previously published work, but original work is preferred. If the work has previously been published, please provide that information with your submission. You should retain a copy of your submission. Our posting a poem on our website does not guarantee it will be available online in the future. No payment is made for any submission. Printed copies of the newsletter are available at launch meetings. All contributors are invited to submit a short biography, which may be edited for length and content.

Send your poems to us using the Contact Form on the bottom of the Home Page.

Not local? If you are not a resident of HRM, but are a resident of Nova Scotia, or have some connection to Nova Scotia (former resident, frequent visitor, etc.), you are welcome to submit a poem for consideration for our new web-only OHF Abroad page. These submissions may be printed (once) in a future special issue of Open Heart Forgery.

Submissions are limited to one per month. Your name and town will be printed with the poem. Your connection to Nova Scotia will not be printed, but you are welcome to include that in a biography.

In addition to the content and length rules above, your submission email must include the following:

  • The subject line must include “OHF Abroad.”
  • Your town in Nova Scotia, or if you are not a resident of Nova Scotia, your town and your connection to Nova Scotia.
  • Your real name, and some online evidence of that, such as a social media profile.

This new page is an experiment, and submissions may be closed at any time.