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newJuly Launch and Reading
Saturday, July 6, 2-4 pm
Glitter Bean Cafe, 5896 Spring Garden Road (accessible)

June issue now available!

Anthology Project

Open Heart Forgery is planning to publish an anthology of selected poems from our monthly issues, published from 2011 through 2018. We are currently reviewing eligible poems, and will keep you posted on the progress.

WOTS Exquisite Corpse Poem, Too Early by Far for the End, is online. Two earlier WOTS exquisite corpse poems are available here.

Check OHF Abroad for recently added poems.

Submissions from out of HRM are now being accepted, for online publication only. Writers must live in Nova Scotia, or have some connection to the province. Please see the submissions page for more details.

updated June 20

About OHF

424 HRM Authors, ages 8 to 87
1601 poems in 84 issues, since March 2010
Plus 21 poems, from 6 authors, in 6 communities, for OHF Abroad.

For more about OHF, explore the menu options.

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(To submit a concrete or shaped poem, or any poem where special typography is required, please use the form below to request an email address for the submission.)

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