OHF Abroad – 2021.1


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01/2021 – the wringing heartMeg BairdCalgary, AB

03/2021 – DamageConroy Dockal – Roswell, GA, United States

01/2021 – WhyRon Gillis – North Sydney, NS

Poem by Conroy Dockal

I wish I was a better person
more loving, more caring 
I wish I was perfect 
inside this box
How hard can that be?
four walls, a floor, a ceiling

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the wringing heart
Poem by Meg Baird

yes, you have described it correctly
the medical professor said
but is it poetry?

five hundred and more years ago
Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks show
the chamber to the bottom left
is housing for a vortex which
ejects propels and thrusts the blood
up through the heart
the organ thus becomes a pump
a living circulating thrumph! of energy
into the flesh
and the mass it gives a twist
in order to accomplish this
pa-pum pa-pum pa-pum

so every heart it ticks along
and what you make of it
becomes your song

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Poem by Ron Gillis

Why do I put my woman down ?
Why do I make her cry ?
Why do I put that hurt in her eye ?
Why oh Why ?

Why do I go out on the town ?
Why do I pour that whiskey down ?
Why do I make my woman sad ?
Why oh Why ?

Oh ! Lord it’s time to change my life around
It’s time to take that hurt from her eye.
It’s time to say I love you.
It’s time to stop saying Why.

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2 thoughts on “OHF Abroad – 2021.1

  1. I moved. First to NB where I joined the WFNB and the “writers of Kingston peninsula” And now to Massachusetts to care for my mom indefinitely (Alzheimer’s) What is the OHF abroad!? ❤️❤️ Sara Moginot

    1. Open Heart Forgery limits submissions to residents of the Halifax Regional Municipality. OHF Abroad is open to anyone in Nova Scotia, or with a connection, including people who have moved away. So you’d be welcome to submit a poem for OHF Abroad.

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