December 2014

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Vol. 5, No. 8

In this Issue:

Georgia AtkinNavigation

Earl BradfordGrief

Janet BrushThe Dance

Tim CovellDamp Days

Jennifer DeyarmondUntitled

Ryan EavisPatience

Melissa FougereFor Daddy

FSCA Participants – A Poem for Seeds

Jesse GarthO My Loving Father

Cathy HanrahanThe Mill

Jari-Matti HelppiThose

Jim HoyleDusk

Erica LewisWinter by Vivaldi

Jordan MacDonaldGlutton

David R. MacLeanposting

Lorie Ann MorrisCats

Yoon ParkA Note To My Blue Rose

Jaywant PatilWorld Peace

Allison RangeleyPills

Ryan TaylorWestside of Queens

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Westside of Queens
Poem by Ryan Taylor

A lady told me
where all the evil men walk

she said

“on that side of the street.”

and pointed to the west side of

I said
“thank you.”

and thought, I shouldn’t walk on
the west side of Queens.

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Poem by David R. MacLean

I would like to get this race underway
So bring those horses to the line.
You, little guy, I like the way you ride.
You, big guy, stand under their basket.

I’ll announce a reward,
Give everyone notice,
Put the list on the wall,
Make sure you know the score.

We’ll have someone blow the call,
So you can take your place
Out at the barracks, or other station.
You could be assigned there.

Or maybe you could give me your bond,
And I could record it in the accounts,
Rather than put it in the mail for you,
Or make some comments online.

I might do some of this later, anyway.
If that’s ok with Emily.
I’ll keep you up to date.

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Poem by Allison Rangeley

Click Crack Snap it’s breakfast time
but before I can do that I have to take my
morning pills god forbid I forget my
morning pills. It’s lunch now but wait
I need to take another pill then again at dinner
another pill and again at bedtime another
handful of pills. You would think I was a junkie
but I’m not this is what my mental health has
reduced me to a daily regiment of pops and
cracks as I open my morning, noon supper
and bed blister packs and god forbid I
forget to get my four week refill yes
this is what my life revolves around pills pills
and pills it makes me mad yet I don’t
understand how my life got to be this way
where I rely on these pills to survive how
did I let this get so out of control that for
breakfast I take four, lunch I take one
another one at dinner and four more for bed
just to survive just to keep me alive this is
not life no one should live this way but we do
this how the systems treat us fill us up with pills
we’ll be so sedated we’ll no longer be a problem
the solution they say if one doesn’t work
add another and another till so tired out that
we look act and walk like a zombie there
has to be another way pills can’t solve
everything but wait it’s bed, time for
another handful click crack snap must be bedtime.

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The Mill
Poem by Cathy Hanrahan

The brick mason scrapes the mortar
Neatly stacking each one
Diligently recycling a chronicled past
Fresh seals will cement what’s been done
Littered yard that surrounds is a testament to
the many decades of industrial toil
Iron, scrap metal and discarded debris
in scattered piles and jagged mounds on the soil.
I watch through the window of the trailer on site
as container trucks leave laden with fill
Observing the arms of a continued embrace
that lives on between community and mill

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Winter by Vivaldi
Poem by Erica Lewis

The lashing of wind and snow
against my window,
the building trembling
with the glory of nature.

And to accompany this—
a frenzy of violins, bows attacking strings
in a whipped-up storm of musical fury.

This could only be
winter by Vivaldi.

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O My Loving Father
Poem by Jesse Garth

O my Loving Father
I would write a poem in your honour
I would make a house for your bones
I would pray for your wellness
And I would keen for your passing
You have worked and striven Hard
For a life which carries Peace
Have you passed that very
Life along the way?

O my Hurting Father
I would tell you of the Joys
I would lead you, tired bull that you are,
To Greener Pastures
To a land of rest and plenty
Could you rest if you were there?
The hardest thing to do
Is to give up control
Those lives that easily are led
Peacefully are lived
Not without pain
Not without sorrow
But without question

O my Holy Father
From whose blood I came
Who took part in the
Most Sacred Creative Act;
I wish you Well

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Poem by Earl Bradford

backwards, sluicing time abrupt
crash into savagery…
mind sky asylum when rain falls

frigid winter impending targets
grief shudders for the ineffable…
tenacity of biological autumn

blundering volition transported
static collision evolves…
yet thunders into oblivion…

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Villanelle by Jim Hoyle

The evening sun so deep
and twilight’s gentle kiss
take Earth to dark’ning sleep.

A golden finger, steep
hues of red, fiery bliss
of evening sun so deep,

and silence’ downward sweep
from Heaven’s mantle, this
takes Earth to dark’ning sleep.

The lengthening shadows creep
away from golden chalice
of evening sun so deep.

Faint rays, reaching, to seep
past hill and black abyss
take Earth to dark’ning sleep.

Leaves rustle, tall trees weep,
soft winds sigh, calm seas hiss
and evening sun so deep
takes Earth to dark’ning sleep.

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World Peace
Poem by Jaywant Patil

A country which feuds within
Fuels discontent all around
Spreads flames of fear and paranoia
It can’t be in peace with itself
Nor can it be in harmony with others

We have countries like this around
Both very rich and very poor
Developed and underdeveloped
Educated and undereducated
Religious and non-religious

A people at peace with themselves
Harmonious with neighbours and nature
Makes peaceful societies and nations
Peaceful nations make the world peaceful
So let’s start with peace within oneself

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For Daddy
Poem by Melissa Fougere

As a little girl I’d trip and skin my knee
to make it all better, daddy I’d go see
when in school people could be cruel
daddy would tell me that they were the fools

years have passed, I no longer cry to you
remembering to call, I don’t always do
I now have a family and am happy too
none of this could be if not for you
I know what I want by how you treated me
you are why I am the best mother I can be

So if you wonder if you had done your part
Or why I ended up having such a soft heart
It’s because of your guidance and love
you’re why any obstacle I’ve risen above
although I have my own place in the world
forever, for always I’m still daddy’s little girl

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Poem by Georgia Atkin

Only you can save yourself
no matter how I try –
Only you can navigate
across the bitter skies.

I’ll fire off the brightest flares
and keep the lighthouse lit,
but you still have to see the light
and choose to follow it.

And if you can escape the storm
and make it through the night,
you’ll surely find the dawn
waiting on the other side…

When you do, I’ll be there.
Don’t worry, I won’t go.
I love you more than words can say
and more than you can know.

But only you can save yourself,
no matter how I care –
Only you can navigate

and overcome despair.

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Poem by Lorie Ann Morris

Ever look into a cat’s eyes.
Have you ever noticed how human
they seem. Ever think they can see the,
whole world by looking right at you.
Ever think cats the most beautiful, of all.
It’s all right there in a cat’s eyes.

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A Note To My Blue Rose
Poem by Yoon Park

When a seed of the rose outgrows its soil,
God know what its beauty will do yet spoil
We earthlings have blessed, but sad life to sail
For wisdom follows innocence that’s so frail.

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A Poem For Seeds
by FSCA Participants

A kernel of promise
The germ of an idea
The beginning
Possibilities that you can act on
Pulse of life
with moss growing on its sunny side!
Split open, it becomes wings
Fill gaps, heal fractures –
a magical key to life!
Broken to bring new life…
Embracing imperfection
Part of the commons, to be defended by us all
Yes. You own the potential
Key to our development
Potential to be anything

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Poem by Jari-Matti Helppi

Those that dissipate others
for sniffley reasons only
are like bakers
that sneeze into flour.

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The Dance
Poem by Janet Brush

The Professor plays a Viennese waltz
I close my eyes –
The classroom disappears
…..I am in the grand ballroom
…..dancing with my love

ONE two three, ONE two three
Round and round he sweeps me
…..ball gown billowing
I can feel his arm around my back
…..his hand in mine

We didn’t need the ballroom
If there was music, we danced –
… the food court at the mall
…..on the deck of an Alaskan riverboat
… the Edmonton Folk Fest

George Bernard Shaw said –
“Dancing is the vertical expression
of a horizontal desire”
That’s what it was for us
…..I miss the dance.

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Poem by Jordan MacDonald

He was a glutton for punishment,
Put retribution on a plate and watch
Him lick away every morsel,
Then smash the plate and
Proceed to slice himself with the shards.

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Poem by Jennifer Deyarmond

does genuine passion have a place amongst our artificial existences (?) and does it no longer have a place in our minds, beneath the skin, or amongst our underd/eveloped biological double-stranded structures (?)

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Poem by Ryan Eavis

A strong desire and willingness to change.
Ask any butterfly.

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Damp Days
Limerick by Tim Covell

It rained all day long and all night
High winds gave to many a fright
Recall west coast wit
“You don’t shovel it”
And face these damp days with delight.

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